Her name is Sybil


Dear Woman Who Birthed Me Back When She Was Nineteen & Ladies Got Knocked Out Cold for the Event So They Didn’t Have to Hear the Word “Vagina,”I’m sorry I came into the world ass-backward and that your country doctor was too busy smoking a Lucky Strike to do the Christian thing and cut me out. Thank you for being cool about it and telling me that it was worth it because I had a head shaped just like an apple {Read More}

The Name of the Game is Shhhhhhhhh

I have boundary issues

The world we live in now is such that when you don’t show up on Facebook very often, people think you’re: a) Dead b) Anti-social c) Probably marrying & subsequently divorcing someone again and too ashamed to pull the trigger on yet another relationship status change. None of those are true in my case. (For now.) The truth is really pretty simple.  I don’t have the energy to give to it. I’m not talking physical energy. I realize no one is {Read More}

I Didn’t Consider 50

I began “Wiping the Crazy off My Face” on Blogger ten years ago. Ten. Years. Ago. I was 39, about to roll over the Sher odometer to 40, and decided to write about it. Now here I am, soon to turn 50 years old. Fifty. Years. That’s how many years I will have been on this planet – sucking air, making mistakes, creating perfect humans, falling in love, falling in ambivalence, leaving, going, running, searching, wondering, figuring, plotting, changing. Changing. {Read More}

Exhausted. Tired. Times 10.

Today I am tired. Impossibly tired. This is one of the symptoms of “whatever this is” that is hardest to live with. It’s the kind of tired that makes me cry sometimes, though not today. It’s the kind of tired where I may sit in a car staring at the door of a building not 20 feet away, and genuinely wonder whether I can make it that far. It’s awful. But, the good news is my mind is not tired. {Read More}

Unsolicited advice for all female humans – including me.

unsolicited advice 2

So yeah. I’m handing out unsolicited advice. Wiping the crazy off my face and onto this blog post.Cuz that’s the way I do it.