Muffin Top: A Love Story {Review}

Muffin Top: A Love Story. Love this chick flick!

Over Thanksgiving my Mister Person was in Chicago for the holiday visiting his folks. I didn’t go along because I have kids, who in reality aren’t kids at all, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling like I’ve abandoned them if I am not in the hood on American holidays that involve slaughter of any kind. […]

Her name is Sybil


Dear Woman Who Birthed Me Back When She Was Nineteen & Ladies Got Knocked Out Cold for the Event So They Didn’t Have to Hear the Word “Vagina,”I’m sorry I came into the world ass-backward and that your country doctor was too busy smoking a Lucky Strike to do the Christian thing and cut me […]

I Didn’t Consider 50

I began “Wiping the Crazy off My Face” on Blogger ten years ago. Ten. Years. Ago. I was 39, about to roll over the Sher odometer to 40, and decided to write about it. Now here I am, soon to turn 50 years old. Fifty. Years. That’s how many years I will have been on […]

Exhausted. Tired. Times 10.

Today I am tired. Impossibly tired. This is one of the symptoms of “whatever this is” that is hardest to live with. It’s the kind of tired that makes me cry sometimes, though not today. It’s the kind of tired where I may sit in a car staring at the door of a building not […]