Her name is Sybil


Dear Woman Who Birthed Me Back When She Was Nineteen & Ladies Got Knocked Out Cold for the Event So They Didn't Have to Hear the Word "Vagina,"I'm sorry I came into the world ass-backward and that your country doctor was too busy smoking a Lucky Strike to do the Christian thing and cut me out. … [Continue reading]

The Name of the Game is Shhhhhhhhh

I have boundary issues

The world we live in now is such that when you don't show up on Facebook very often, people think you're: a) Dead b) Anti-social c) Probably marrying & subsequently divorcing someone again and too ashamed to pull the trigger on yet another relationship status change. None of those … [Continue reading]

I Didn’t Consider 50

I began "Wiping the Crazy off My Face" on Blogger ten years ago. Ten. Years. Ago. I was 39, about to roll over the Sher odometer to 40, and … [Continue reading]

Exhausted. Tired. Times 10.

Today I am tired. Impossibly tired. This is one of the symptoms of "whatever this is" that is hardest to live with. It's the kind of tired that … [Continue reading]

Unsolicited advice for all female humans – including me.

unsolicited advice 2

So yeah. I'm handing out unsolicited advice. Wiping the crazy off my face and onto this blog post.Cuz that's the way I do it.   … [Continue reading]