I Didn’t Consider 50

I began "Wiping the Crazy off My Face" on Blogger ten years ago. Ten. Years. Ago. I was 39, about to roll over the Sher odometer to 40, and decided to write about it. Now here I am, soon to turn 50 years old. Fifty. Years. That's how many years I will have been on this planet - … [Continue reading]

Exhausted. Tired. Times 10.

Today I am tired. Impossibly tired. This is one of the symptoms of "whatever this is" that is hardest to live with. It's the kind of tired that makes me cry sometimes, though not today. It's the kind of tired where I may sit in a car staring at the door of a building not 20 feet away, and … [Continue reading]

Unsolicited advice for all female humans – including me.

unsolicited advice 2

So yeah. I'm handing out unsolicited advice. Wiping the crazy off my face and onto this blog post.Cuz that's the way I do it.   … [Continue reading]

Weekend – It Didn’t Suck


The last few days have been the best I've had in some time. I've actually felt relatively good and I've been able to move more easily than I have in … [Continue reading]

Travel Size CPAP – Sexy On the Go

travel size CPAP

The sleep doctor man says I stop breathing about 18 times an hour. No matter how I challenged those results as a damn dirty lie, last week I was … [Continue reading]